Our School

How are we different?

Dragon Kim's Curriculum - The most distinct advantage that we offer at Dragon Kim’s Taekwondo & Fitness is that our curriculum was written based on the technique and expertise of an authentic Grand Master trained and certified in South Korea, Taekwondo’s country of origin.  Master Jin Young Kim is a ninth degree black belt certified with the Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters, in Seoul, South Korea.  In his career he has traveled extensively to train the United States military, law enforcement, and perform martial arts demonstrations. He has over 45 years of experience teaching Taekwondo and promoting martial arts.  All of our instructors at Dragon Kim’s are certified with the Kukkiwon and have completed Master Kim’s Instructor Course. Although Grand Master Kim has moved to open a new school in Texas, his legacy of excellence lives on in this dojang.

Our Programs - Our curriculum will help students of all ages and skill level to achieve their individual goals.  We have learned over the years that progress is difficult to see if it is not tracked in a meaningful way.  Whether your goal relates to flexibility, weight loss, or a more focused exercise for your child, our instructors will assist and encourage you in your growth and development. We will also work with you on your progress, and support you every step of your journey.

Our Facility - Our new facility provides a clean, well equipped, family friendly environment.  The training area is nearly 4,000 square feet, and provides plenty of room to have multiple classes in session at the same time.  A fitness room is available with cardio and weight training equipment.  Parents have the option of watching their children participate in class, exercising in our fitness room, or waiting in a comfortable lounge area.